Town Council passes bylaw allowing adult entertainment in Uptowne Olds

At the Town of Olds regular council meeting on May 9th a land use bylaw was passed allowing adult entertainment to be offered by an Uptowne night club. The Texas Mickey bar was seeking a change in the existing land use bylaw which would give them the opportunity to offer adult entertainment, specifically strippers, for their customers. The manager of the night club, which caters primarily to college students and is closed during the summer months, claimed that to enable them to stay in business, she needed to offer alternative entertainment to draw audiences. This would be the only nightclub in Olds to offer up this type of entertainment. A previous request in 2008 had been denied. The request has been seen as controversial and opponents ranged from parents to the local Uptowne Olds business association. A recent poll by the Olds Albertan newspaper resulted in a majority of respondents voting for the change in the land use bylaw which is for this one location. After presentations from the public gallery both for and against the change in the bylaw and discussion by the council it was voted in with a 4 yes and 2 no vote and one councillor absent.

Mayor Judy Dahl spoke with local media after the council meeting.



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